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——Brand Introduction——

Zenon, founded in 2006, is a Malaysian brand that specializes in providing deposit-free, rent-free printing and copier rental services. After more than ten years of hard work and development, we have always insisted on helping all kinds of large,  medium-sized enterprises and start-up enterprises to save costs in office equipment, save corporate asset management costs, and achieve efficient asset-light operations.
By relying on the advantages of industry resources accumulated over the years, Zenon can provide internationally refurbished and pre-owned copier brands to customers such as brand Fuji Xerox, Ricoh Aficio, Konica Minolta and etc, and we will tailor-made personalized a rental program according to the actual needs of the customer's office. We have a senior operation and maintenance team with more than 10 years of maintenance experiences. We provide timely repair service within 4 hours to ensure service timeliness and 24-hour remote technical services to comprehensively help customers to solve problems.
As a professional photocopier supplier, Zenon is committed to subvert the industry order and set a new benchmark in the industry. Be the Malaysia’s first refurbished copiers and printers with rent-free and deposit-free copier services, helping all users who are struggling to afford rental for copier. In future, Zenon will become an industry brand leader that leads the industry to improve, with more high-quality and attentive services.  

——Brand Culture——

Brand values: Focus, Innovation, Benefit users and Win-win situation
Focus: With years of continuous focus in the industry, we gradually built the brand's own outstanding competitiveness;
Innovation: Subvert the traditional order of the industry with innovative service concepts and models, saving customers cost and curtail their worries.
Benefit Users: For the continuous development of the enterprise, we provide what customer’s needs and benefit users.
Win-win: Strategy in which all the parties benefit one way or another. By benefiting each others in win-win situation. Achievement of an enterprise is also an achievement of the brand itself.
Brand concept: Lighten the burden , emphasize the services.
Zenon adheres to a customer-centric perspective, reduces the burden of office asset costs for many companies with high-quality professional services, pays more attention to service effects, saves money for the company, and leaves the difficulties to itself.
Brand mission: To convenience enterprises and implement low cost operation
We provide customers with tailor-made solutions, superior quality refurbished copier printing equipment, and one-stop service, comprehensively assist enterprises in worry-free office and help enterprises implement low cost operations.
Brand vision: to become an industry brand leader that leads industry progress and is respected by society
We are breaking the traditional order of the industry, leading the future progress of the industry, serving enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and become an industry brand leader with social reputation.

——Brand Interpretation——

Zenon is homonymous with the Chinese word "jinneng", which means that the performance of refurbished copier printing equipment is strong and stable.
Zenon's overall meaning is to provide a quality office equipment and low-cost services with no rental and no deposit to fully assist enterprises to reduce costs and increase efficiency, and achieve a win-win situation for the sustainable development of the enterprise and itself.

——Brand Story——

Printing and copying equipment is a need for modern corporate office, it is also a consumable parts.
If you choose a one-time purchase, it is not a small cost for many start-ups company.
However, these equipment often fail to perform while using, and once they fail, they need to be repaired.
After a short warranty period, on-site equipment repairs are more expensive.
14 years ago, after Zenon find out the pain points of the above business operations,
Zenon become the extraordinary brand legend in Malaysia through the refurbished photocopying equipment rental service.
Zenon has been focusing on copier rental services and providing enterprises with one-stop solutions.
Customers no longer need to consider issues such as procurement costs, performance upgrades and follow-up maintenance,
Provide a immediate on-site service, fast, convenient, economical, and no warranty period limit.
With the growth of the photocopy equipment industry, the increased deposits and rentals have become another burden for many companies.
Zenon is determined to subvert the industry order and liberate those renters who pay heavy deposits and rents.
Innovatively pioneered rent-free package and deposit-free package service in Malaysia,
Provide free refurbished copiers and printers to more companies and offices.
What the peers sell, we provide free . Whats the peers free, we will give customers ten times more!
After more than ten years of trials and hardships along the way, in line with timely, efficient and fast service standards,We assist customers in optimizing and supporting office equipment leasing and value packages,
With the purpose of "reducing office costs and enhancing the value of printing", Implement “go green” office for customers, improve office efficiency, reduce operating costs,
Become the most intimate office service helper in this industry.

——Brand Positioning——

Empowering corporate offices to reduce costs and increase efficiency
Zenon pioneered the deposit-free and rent-free service model in Malaysia's copier machine leasing industry, repaying customers with a super cost-effective product experience, and assist corporate customers reduce operating costs and improve office efficiency.
Office solution experts for the corporate companies.
With convenient, efficient and high-quality one-stop service, we meet the individual demands of customers to the greatest extent, and grant customers to practice the intimate experience that brought by our solutions.

——Brand Speciality——

No deposit and rental, cost saving
By leasing refurbished copiers or printers, users do not need to bear the expensive cost of one-time purchase of new copier machine, depreciation risks, handling problems after aging, and cost of the daily machine maintenance. We also exempt customers from deposits and rentals, help companies to save a large amount of working capital, and achieve rapid development of the company.
Free exchange of equipment.
For a purchase of copier machine, if it is found to be unsatisfactory with the current workload, it is more difficult to change to a new copier machine. However, Customers with leasing package can change the copier machine according to their own needs. After receiving the fault report, We will respond quickly and promptly on-site maintenance for free , so that you can work with peace in mind.
Free accessories, more effective
If customers bought low-quality consumables, it will cause a series of problems such as increased equipment failure rate, shortened service life and poor printing quality; yet renting a refurbished copier machine from us, we will provide high-quality accessories, consumables parts and toner for free, thereby avoiding the occurrence of the above phenomenon, and improving the work efficiency of the enterprise.
Timely after-sales service, more efficient
Zenon possess a professional after-sales service team, all maintenance personnel have more than 5 years of work experiences, good service attitude, excellent technology knowledge, efficient solution to machine failures, and provide customers with 7*24 hours of service, we can solve the equipment problems encountered by customers in the shortest time . For equipment problems encountered, maintenance and repair services will be performed on the equipment regularly.

——Brand Slogan——

1. Zero rental, Zero deposit, Zenon saves cost and Worry-Free.
2. Worry-Free office, services benefits.
3. Be an intimate office assistant in this industry.
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